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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pyramids and Chains

The law prohibits all types of chains and/or pyramid schemes.
These are understood as schemes by which imagine many people can build fortune of illusions under the
premise that by contributing a small amount of money, this will multiply by other contributing below you or with you adding to the chain and so by geometrical progression, effortless money can result.
As up front the idea appears to work… for the initiators of the chain or the ones at the top or the ones that conceive it; a quick point of saturation is reached and many participants never see the result of their assistance to the chain but an obligation established by the small group that rips the whole benefit from it.
Fortunately, the above is prohibited by law… but disgracefully, the law has been accommodated by some groups at the top, so that some special types of these schemes are not only allowed but even enforced. The idea behind it is that union produces strength, the compromise is though; to relinquish any ability to think and decide for the use of the fruit of our efforts.
So it is the birth of collectivism.
Many people see nothing wrong or defective in such a scheme, because they fall under the mirage of a ‘better life’ managed by a government which supposedly cannot be equivocal in any sense or direction.
Hence, collectivism in order to ‘work’, the candid supporters of the idea claim; is important that engages everybody and everyone while preserving basic freedoms.
Basic freedoms or liberties, are those conditions that God, our creator; has given us as His creatures to His image and likeness and which makes us superior over the face of the earth to other species inhabitant of the planet. These freedoms carry with them within all of the them the condition of freedom and dignity. Freedom to decide on our own and by ourselves and dignity to be in a close relationship with our creator. Basic freedoms include those of creed, association, opinion, or to be consider innocent before being made guilty, because our relation with God is by faith and not distrust and the vehicle to achieve it is love.
But the sole concept of collectively bunching together to provide what God supposedly can, carries the imperative mandate to capture the meaning of freedom away and to reduce our dignity to a commodity owned and therefore doomed to be disposed by the state. The first order of the day is then that it is the state the one who grants freedoms or dignity by virtue of the laws that the state produces, regardless of God’s intervention.
An illusive separation between state and creed is establish and so people in government are forced to remove any principle that religion can put in their minds for the writing of the law and its enforcement.
The sole idea of a nation requires common ground and religion is the most essential components in this commonality because it is religion the one that defines the moral path that the state must follow.
When the state abandons religion or the moral ground under which it is required to maintain its course, the state abandons nationhood as well and becomes an directionless entity without other aiming but to satisfy that relative small group, that elite that constituted the governing body and consequently it is derived on these people feeling entitled to maintain their positions of power in perpetuity.
In the world there are not many religions but many derivations of the same root and while it is a basic condition of freedom to respect a persons creed, nobody can or should be forced to believe what is different from the truth. Religion is supported by the truth and the fact that is many branches to few roots does not mean that there are many truths but rather that the truth keeps being adjusted to the conveniences of the followers. The farther away the truth the more imperative becomes to assure isolation from any influence that might influence finding the truth.
Of course one of the oldest religions is atheism which no different from other root religions, also has many variations and while being atheist imply not believing in God, that hole is quickly filled with anything and so many ideas and theories take the place of our natural relationship with God, starting from the idea that each and everyone has its own truth and if one tries to bring up his/her own true forward that means that someone’s private world is being invaded and so the whole concept is of surrendering to a lie.
Collectivism can only respond to the system where God is replaced by what the individual feels is convenient to his/her own self or in another word in selfishness and so it nurtures individualism. It builds illusions of immediate gain and profit while suppressing dignity and freedom. Collectivism is not exclusive of socialism or communism or populism, but can be found too within capitalism, after all putting God aside in pursue of money is not much different than surrendering to the state in pursue of quick rewards.
There is only one way to counter collectivism and it is to maintain individuality in preservation of our dignity and identity. The only way to achieve this goal is to acquire control of the system governing society to make it work for the common good.
Any other scheme is nothing but that; pyramids build on illusions in a fake world of chains designed only to maintain elites controlling everyone else w6r25ng 6n their behalf.
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