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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Product of our work

When we are looking for work and finally find something that actually we are told is a permanent position because it becomes a relationship, with the employer; in which no end to this is established other than the conditions that set up the employment and the conditions the corporation, which naturally, is an enterprise bound to produce profits, has to allow itself to afford that relationship; the excitement produces a sense of win of having obtained something privileged to the few in a system which could otherwise become tremendously challenging and ruthless…
The system, thanks to politics; has built into it several devices which presumptuously are designed to protect jobs so that the political reflection is of politics being job generators, however, the main component amongst these devices is the ability of politics to take away a chunk of the employee earnings, before this can spend it and under the premise of the system being the protector of the employee against him/herself on ‘misusing’ those funds to something not interesting to what the ‘nation’ wants.
Hence, the residual compensation from this employment becomes in most cases, drastically reduced to what the employee is left with to operate his/her life. Of course, politics, have devised ways that allow the employee to reduce that amount taken away and naturally, this has to be in concurrence with the system that controls and is aimed to the welfare of the community and so politics ‘explain’. However, the take home money can only be marginally increased after these measures are in place as otherwise, and again, the risk of people doing something completely against the direction politics wants is a risk no one can afford.
The system is built so that one of the ways to reduce this take away money can be oriented to ‘saving' for the future and so Retirement Savings plans are produced which of course, need to be certified, otherwise there is no way to determine if the savings gores towards something that is in the interest of politics which what is the custodian of the system. Again while this money allocated to the future is still taken away with a different purpose, the take home part becomes almost not changed at all.
Another portion of the money taken away before something terribly wrong is done with it is a fund which in its denomination has pension embedded and which politics imply is designed as an insurance for the future so that when the time comes when the employee cannot work anymore; this ‘fund’ is supposed to provide with the calm and tranquility and the employee can walk peacefully to the sunset.
But the system, always so meticulous on controlling the good future of the employees, it even provides another ‘fund’ designed for and if when that relationship called ‘permanent’ employment is severed due to any reason and the employee becomes one no more and so this is supposed to receive from that fund ‘enough’ so that he/she does not do something different from what politics thinks appropriate.
The system is very aware of the needs of the businesses and so a universally available health protection is put into place where people do not need to worry anymore about paying anything for health services and so their sick time can be reduced to the minimum. Of course there is an immense variety of illnesses and reasons an employee might find suitable to avoid a working day and still get pay for it and so the services the system would be paying for must be in concurrence again, with what the system sees as ‘good’ for productivity and so eye glasses or dental work cannot possibly be something to be included in this and neither will be medicines, over and beyond something that can be reported at year end when the employee must let the system how is it that managed to use the money earned with his/her work.
Naturally, pregnant women are an obstacle to productivity and so women are told that should they get pregnant, it would be ‘alright’ to dispose of the fruits of their moment and so they would be able not to be accept that condition because they have a ‘choice’ over their own body. However, should it not be possible to convince the mother to get rid of that child upsetting productivity figures; the woman needs not to worry, the job is held for her to go do her thing and the system will cover a good portion of that and in that way politics will manage to maintain the feminine pressure of their backs.
After the employee takes the remaining money home the system cannot leave him/her unattended and so it makes sure that he/she does not use this funds in things not in accordance with what is in the interest of politics and so, while on any expenditure is charged the same percentage over the arranged price; for some goods like fuel, a extra needs to be taken away so that less fuel is consumed as it is with cigarettes, which the system gives every reason to say it is not good but that cannot be simply consider it poisonous because it is not politically convenient to do so, after all, more money can be taken away from those who keep smoking, which is a similar case with the liquor and other spirits, which the system is so interested on controlling that it is available on any quantities, seven days a week but only sold by the system so that more money can be taken away once more to protect the public against themselves.
Freedom then reaches home and finally the fruit of the jobs politics ask everyone to thank the system for, makes its way and can be used for the primary and basic needs human condition demands, including leisure. However, before going any further, politics also has acted quickly and effectively and so traveling has been identified as something to be not very safe and therefore, additional amounts need to be paid to the system in excess of the cost of the transportation service provided, accomplishing the protection of vast amounts of public which consequently ceases being able to afford to travel and so they are now safe. Only the pernicious rich can afford these travels and so they will be exposed by relinquishing the safety provided by the system, which is something also true in the case of the other numerous benefits politics has imposed upon all of us for the protection of the people.
And so, the freedom acquired to freely’ dispose of the benefits of hard work is rejoined and then again, politics has assure further protection for what is available to everyone and therefore; the system is cautious to jealously safeguard the businesses these resources can be invested on, because not all of them are really friendly to politics and so the friendlier ones need to be protected and therefore specific rules are needed to assure that no exposure to that damaging illness called competition infiltrates and negatively impacts the helpless people with the expenditure of their leftover freedom.
In order to prevent the wrong ideas to get into the minds of the people and for their own protection politics has made the law really only accessible to the professionals and so by inserting language which is not clear but to the intentions of politics, the people is so protected against wrongly using the freedoms they might think they enjoy while they are really suffering; like to communicate freely, to belief what they want or to associate themselves with whoever they please. These can potentially become too dangerous for politics as it might break the walls of protection so carefully build to protect the people against themselves.
The professionals are in absolute consensus with politics or otherwise they could not be professionals but just renegades of the system, and so in order to look after each and everyone; personalized laws have been made as an ingenuous device to allow each and everyone do as they are and at the same time pretend it is not really affecting nor it is impacting anything or anybody and to prove it, the school system has been accommodated to permeate such brilliance into the minds of the learning so that they can be part of the system and protect politics protect the people they one day will be.
So politics, has assure to that academy is safe and so, it has become not as important as to learn a discipline or a trade than to learn the politics of the system and so, freedom as open as it is in academy; it is closely controlled by politics as a protection of a system that will make sure everyone is safe from not being free.
The system of course, is very costly as needs many people to organize and control the lives of so many, protecting from themselves and so many jobs are assured in this win-win situation.
Politics of course, in order to establish these protections as perennial and permanent; has even institute other areas of control where some people who feel that they are in minority in this democracy and so their points of view, as free as they are; are not in accordance to that nonsense called majority; they can present their protest against whoever they feel is offending their minds with their own point of views. The system so has tribunals selflessly dedicated to look after these scarce points of views and would not dare making that offense persist and so they make sure the offending part is always guilty unless; from his/her own resources, the ones left after the system of politics has taken care of protecting them against themselves; manages to prove that the other part was not offended after which, politics also can assure that no harm was done and so those resources spent on the issue were after all a contribution to the cause of freedom. However, as it needs to be in most cases; when the offended part cannot see other way but to be offended; the offending part, in an act of friendship, must then contribute to the welfare of the offended part so that it help it to stop being offended. This is a free world made even freer and were there is nothing simple because is dangerous to the people that does not understand what it takes to be protected and which after all never ever can have a better idea than the one already devised by politics only interested on offering an imposed system that is good for everyone and if someone thinks otherwise, this person clearly must be out of his/her mind.
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