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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Financial Crisis

On this business of outrageous gas prices and speculation and gauging; many suggestions are offered on how to make the oil companies feel the pain experienced by the people.

Some suggest concentrating on one company today and another tomorrow so that they experience the pressure of the market to lower their prices. I use to the method of concentrating in one product which is gas and when asked if I need something else form the variety of other products, usually with much higher markup and less taxes, that the service stations sell; I simply answer that all of the money I had, went to gas… sorry
The common denominator however, is to put pressure on the market or in other words; assume control of the prices by responding to the suspected manipulation with restrain or self-control.
If this is so openly suggested; why is it that it becomes so difficult to simply, instead of asking the government to do something about it; not just ask it to mind its own business and let us, the public; deal with the problem by the laws of supply and demand.
Asking the government to stay out of our way; includes taxes governments have legislated on gas, income, and many other products thereby inflating their prices, but crying as loud as possible that the villains are the businesses and not the big bad wolf that is this ever growing blob known as the government.
Politicians then pretend to be the hero of the day, because they put a leash on businesses and as a consequence; force some into closing, some into bankruptcy and the rest onto raising uncontrollably their prices with the side effect of loosing jobs left, right, and centre.
Speculation and price gauging are present and real, but the companies that do it, depend too in their sales and inventories moving and if the people suddenly start depending less and less on fossil fuels and other products where this activity is suspected, businesses have no other alternative but to go back to fairness and to the laws of the market they have so happily abandoned.
The best and only way any level of government can help the people that elected them is to stay aside and do nothing but to protect the consumer against unfair competition or in other words; promote competition for the benefit of the people.
The never ending spiral of government playing taxes to play nanny to protect the people that then is impacted and so on; should be enough evidence to dispose right off of taxes charged to the individual and concentrate on a fair tax charged evenly to businesses so that people can choose on their own freedom what service or product is of their like based on this, the product; being better or the service more efficient.
Revenue governments claim to be ‘loosing’ because it’s never sufficient to placate the thirst of power and therefore this ends up in being used almost exclusively and primordially in servicing the process of capturing the taxes and less and less on providing any service to the people.
People that enjoy these services, when crystallized, tend to neglect their natural urge to be valuable and productive, and become inclined to focus only on themselves and thereby become egocentric and selfish and consequently tend to embrace anything that will not jeopardize their new found heaven on earth and therefore, if selfish women ask for the killing of their offspring so that they can preserve their lifestyles, so be it and these people support it, and if sodomites push for the ‘recognition’ of their sin as something to be accepted and tolerated and beyond that taught in schools and to which achievement they require to remove parental and moral authority altogether; so be it and these people will also support it, because for them nothing becomes more important than the system giving them everything they can get their hands on, and still, they want to claim to be free because they have every one else in bondage to their anxiety of having everything.
These people are not only persons but corporations befriending politicians to get advantageous captive markets under disgraceful oligopolies that ignore the needs of the people of the country in favor of having more, removing competition and efficiency, while claiming both being still present in a very restricted market with prices not established by the natural laws of supply and demand but of government favors and corporate greediness.
Financial crises are real and occur at many levels, but political interference can make them increasingly impacting, for the household, destroying families and individuals and for the community depriving it of services proper for governments to administer for the common good.
Despite what the people that get everything from the system and the parasites that exploit it; the family is still and always will be the nucleus that make society be and this, the society will survive or perish as a consequence of how the system respects the premise.
This nanny mentality of governments giving everything, distracts every resource towards government objectives with narrow goals of satisfying the selfish for votes while ignoring the democratic premise of letting the people, the individual; be the one to govern him/herself by enjoying the natural freedom, the gift given by God Almighty; of making their own decisions, regardless of the consequences, for which, natural freedom also gives each and every one of us the ability to assign proper value to family over material goods and therefore, and over and above everything and anything; the value of our relation with God our creator and persistent friend.
The only way a government can be of any ‘help’ to the individual during financial crisis or merely in the path to prosperity, is to stay out of the way and to focus on administering the law so that it is indeed making us equal before it one and another.
As an end to this note and with regards to the fuel prices paradigm; one way the government can stay out of the way, is by allowing private enterprise to take over the transportation business and let this, free enterprise; find a new bonanza induced by high fuel prices in providing mass transportation services so that people can find their way to go where they want to go not relying in fuel but on the availability of the means of transportation. Many excuses governments find to ignore this avenue, however, politicians have to be perceptive, if they can come out of their own selfishness; of the fact that it is precisely their greed in taxes what makes these ventures too expensive to take into effect and if they, the politicians, can control the fear they have of organized labor; they indirectly and without effort, could end up providing a panacea of new jobs… if they only want.
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