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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A day to reflect upon…

Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
May 7, 2008
Today is a day like everyday; the sun is up sending us its light while the earth rotates over its shaft and day will be followed by night. Under every aspect, a day like every day. If the sky is covered with clouds, raining or simply sunny; the same sun and planet making us experience a distinct day.

For each and every one of us the perception of a day in this planet depends of where we are and in function of that; we live in different time and live through different moments during the day.
The lives of each an every one of us, alive and experiencing this day of many; to be alive give us the ability to freely decide what we do or what we do not do and how we do it and because of our special superior condition before the rest of the living species in the planet, we do not depend exclusively in our instincts to exercise the freedoms we’ve been naturally born with; because we have the ability to reason, to think, to be creative and to enjoy life and of course to be loved by God.
Even though many people insist upon the idea that everything is a consequence of accidents or trial and error of nature; humans are happier recognizing having been created by God as God is the one Who has given us these gifts of freedom and joy and science and strength in our hearts and even our ability to go beyond our senses and to experience sadness and happiness and emotions which means that to us; tolerance means our ability to resist as opposed to accept what is unacceptable.
As we are not the only livings beings on the planet, we are however, special, because of our gifts and creation in God’s image and we called this dignity and our dignity defines how important is to love our peers and neighbors because it allows us to recognize that dignity on them and respect them with special care because they too are part of the same creation by the same God of love and truth.
But many people appear to abdicate that dignity and prefer to look only after what is convenient for them, disregarding their place in nature and thereby, instead of assuming a better position; they settle for level themselves and not differentiating with the rest of the living species in the planet. Our superiority puts on each on us the responsibility of the whole creation, but maintaining our dignity, because by assuming to be no different than the other species, in essence reduces ourselves to their condition of animals driven by instincts and only by instincts and to renounce to be humans.
The purp0se of this whole introduction, sad enough; responds to the fact that there is a situation by which excuses are produced, using all of the gifts mentioned above, to pretend that human life is not really life, let alone human, until we say so and not since it is life because it is at the time of conception as a consequence of the union of a man and a woman in an act designed to produce physical union of two bodies in love and to produce children as the reflection of that love and as evidence of that love for the preservation of the specie so dearly created by God. Children are always adorable and are always innocent and as Jesus presented; we are supposed to be more like them as opposed to grow apart from them to reach His kingdom in heaven.
So the world has become a place where selfishness has taken over and where, if before was the exploitation of humans by other humans, in slavery or abusive domination; today evil has evolved into something even worst, something that actually does not happen in any other species, hence placing humans even below the rest of creation.
Humans are being killed to protect our life style, to preserve our deeds as a sacred choice over and beyond nature itself, beyond the nature God gave as on our dignity.
It never can be a right of someone to kill, less it can be to kill the offspring, the love personified in a child, the most innocent of the creatures and if the sexual encountered that took place was not in function of love but just of lust; the live of a child cannot become a lamb of sacrifice for the purpose of ignoring what was wrong but to make it right by assuming the responsibility over the child.
Many answers are invented when dealing with this malaise of our times which is identified as abortion, in reference to the abrupt termination of pregnancy and which clearly represents the termination of the life of the person being formed. Life is not being formed, it exists already, it is there, so it is the person who is being formed as a counterpart of the separation that takes place between our body and our soul at the time of our deaths, being in the process of forming a body does not imply or signify the formation of life but its presence fully and real.
Politicians see in abortion a delicate matter that they prefer to avoid, because they feel might carry them into a terrain in which they feel not being familiar with and which is broadly accepted as relative to each person and which, they think; jeopardizes votes.
It is argued that abortion is a right that women have to do with their bodies as they please and so they have a right to chose to kill or not to kill the person being formed in their wombs.
But a woman function as a mother does not end at the moment of delivering the baby or at the time of birth, but rather becomes even more intense as the baby now a completely formed person; needs more than ever the protection, love and care of the mother and so, if the woman had the apprehension of being deciding for her own body, what stop her from the apprehension of deciding about the life of their children already born.
It is argued that babies are not people until after the moment they are born. If it so, then what is the magical event that happen that makes a baby one a millimeter after leaving her mother’s womb and not before?
It is argued that a baby twenty seven weeks old or whatever imagination can provide; is when he/she becomes a person and so it is totally acceptable to kill the fetus before that time. What makes a fetus twenty seven weeks old more a person than one a day before that time?
The truth is that life is since the moment the egg is fecund by the sperm and the process of forming the body starts.
The truth of the matter is that abortion needs not to be a political issue and needs not even to be discussed about in legislatures or parliaments or congresses or senates, because life is not a matter of discussion and therefore not negotiable under any stress of imagination.
Life is a gift of God and a gift of love and so it is not a discretion of any human, included and particularly a mother to be or a would be mother; to dispose of her offspring as a way no to find her life upset by what her nature simply conditions her to be.
I really hope that by reading this note, I could have contributed to make you reason about your role in this crime and the only option available which is to openly accept that a human life is sacred and starts at the time of conception and therefore; any assault over any human since the moment of conception, is simply as much as a crime as killing an innocent child brutally and at cold blood.
The only action required is that, every other provision is already in place as the criminal code already contemplates the killing of another human being as a crime and makes accessories of any one who contributes, helps or assists to the crime, even if there are jobs or votes in the line.
Think in God and you will find the truth through the love He projects on all of us.
Think in the march of life.
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