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Friday, April 10, 2015

Celebrating being a Canadian...

39 years ago today, also on a Friday, on April 10 1976, my wife and I with my 3 year old son, immigrated to Canada.
This is a day we remember and we thank God for taking us His ways.
How changed Canada has become!
And is change we need to get back to a Christian Canada, a land of promise of the gifts God has for all of us.
This is a rich land, in natural resources, and yet it is natural order what is constantly assaulted by forces of selfishness, forces of evil.
I trust God and am confident He brought us here to actively be part of that Canada that sees life and human dignity as a gift from God from conception to natural death.
Abortion and euthanasia are murder in the name of selfishness.
Governments and laws exist only to serve God's will. To protect life and freedom among the people. Yet in Canada laws and governments avoid protecting life and freedom.
I believe Canada needs to get back to its Catholic roots and see marriage in its only possible way, as the union of one man and one woman, and nothing and nobody else.
I see Canada as a land of opportunities, those placed by God before each and everyone of us to serve, not to be served, to love, not to be loved, to be compassionate, not to expect compassion, to understand not to be understood.
Taxes today are a very heavy load, and no, they are not 'necessary' as death is not necessary, because Jesus showed us the way to resurrection, to life ever after.
The love of the people is necessary to bring comfort and compassion to our neighbours, not taxes.
Justice are not judges!
Justice is the truth, the absolute truth. The ultimate and only justice will come from God when we are called to become accountable for what we did or failed to do.
Taxes, never mind which or how, always, without exception, do not end up hitting those targeted, for the 'good intentions' they might carry, but without exception they end up hitting the hardest those who are in need to recover, in need to have opportunities, the little ones, denying them the dignity of being human. Instead, taxes, condemn from the bottom up the most in need, to poverty.
Canada must get back to God's commandments, or Canada will perish slowly but sure as many nations in history have.
I thank God for putting me in this land and for allow me to integrate as much as I can and might to serve Him, being the light of the world, the salt of the earth.
God help me do as You say, let Your will be me your faithful servant.
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