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César Fernández-Stoll
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Monday, December 24, 2012

I ask you God for the desperate

I ask you God for the desperate, for those who think not to have anything, for those thinking to have lost everything when they have You, they had You and they will always have You
Help us oh Lord to see in them your blessed image,
Help us oh Lord to find in them our lost dignity
Help the desperate oh Lord to open their eyes to love and truth, humility and forgiveness, with faith, hope and charity
Blessed Lord Jesus Christ

How many people are ending their lives in desperation as they are not able to see the truth that is around them. Perhaps it is because they need to open their eyes to see that elusive truth.
This world has no dominion over us unless we decide to let the world dominate us.
The world wants us to seek many false gods and to live for them and to die for them, in many ways, as useless entities which have found its term in time, with no further use.
We ask You oh God to show us the way and enlighten our steps so that we live with You and for You and that we live and die for You.
We ask You oh God for these poor souls lost in their own desperation, that they may find hope through a newly found faith with love in their lives, for your creation and the power You gave us to reach with love, our neighbor.
With Your only Son oh God, You showed us the way through truth, love, humility and forgiveness and the only food we really need, The body of Christ in the holy Eucharist.
We ask you oh God for the desperate and for that they can reach once again faith, hope and charity in their lives.
We ask you with virgin Mary for Your Son Jesus
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